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About Veteran Benefits Guide

Veteran Benefits Guide (“VBG”) was founded by Joshua (“Josh”) Smith. Having previously served as a US Marine, Josh was subsequently employed by the Veteran Benefits Administration (“VA”) as a Rating Veteran Service Representative (Rater). While working in this capacity Josh was introduced to- and thoroughly trained on the VA’s Disability Compensation System. During this tenure at the VA he discovered many inefficiencies in the way Veterans (“Vets”) disability ratings were assigned and witnessed firsthand how more often than not the VA’s system to adjust the Vets disability ratings was designed more to work against them accomplishing that desired goal.

Recognizing the need for a better way to guide Vet’s on how to request increasing their disability ratings, Josh set about devising a means by which to expedite them through the VA disability rating increase process. The net of this is now, four plus years later, Josh’s Company – Veteran Benefits Guide (“VBG”) – has in the majority of cases successfully guided 10,000 Vets through the VA Compensation systems and allowed them to receive the full benefits due for their disabilities.

One of the key discoveries Josh learned while working for the VA was the disparity between what the VA taught its’ employees for dealing with Vet’s disability ratings versus the VA’s training provided to Veteran Service Organizations (e.g. DAV, VFW, American Legion, etc…) and information provided to Vets regarding disability compensation benefits. With this he also found a distinct lack of attention and support given by VA doctors and VA-contracted doctors to Vets being evaluated in Compensation and Pension (C&P) exams supporting their VA disability claims. Josh concluded that these two glaring flaws resulted in most Vets receiving grossly under-rated disability rating, which in turn short-changed them by the VA, and their requests for adjusting their disability ratings in a claims process took an extended period of time.

The guidance process created by Josh directly addresses the two main flaws of the VA Compensation System and gives their Veterans an advantage when pursing disability ratings increases. By creating a training program for the VBG staff to adopt his methodologies, thereby increasing the Company’s ability to help an increasing number of Vets. Additionally Josh established a physician network, which has the Vets true best interest at heart.

As an indication this process works, having never marketed the Company or the guidance services provided and relying solely on the referral of other satisfied Vet clients, VBG and continues to grow exponentially month over month.

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