Veteran Benefits Guide is not a law firm and our staff helping Veterans with their disability claims are not attorneys.
In order to provide you with the highest level of customer service and ensure the availability of our trained staff, appointments are strongly recommended.
If we don’t provide the services offered, no fee will be charged. Likewise – unlike many others – our Company does not charge any upfront fees. However, if you receive a favorable decision from the VA, there will be a one-time fee assessed as outlined in the terms of our Client Service Agreement.
The fee is due in full upon notification from the VA of a favorable decision.
The average timeframe typically ranges between four and six months. Veterans should note that the VA’s caseload fluctuates which may cause delays outside of VBG’s control.
Submitting an ITF form to the VA officially notifies the VA of your intent to file a disability claim. Once the VA receives your ITF, you have one year to submit a VA Disability Claim. If you receive a favorable decision, the VA may pay the Veteran from the date that the ITF was filed as opposed to the date the VA received the Disability Claim. A Veteran’s backpay or lack thereof has no effect on Company fees or when it’s due.
No, we can help Veterans in all fifty states.

It is crucial to have an expert review your active duty medical records to examine the Veteran’s entire medical history.

A private practitioner’s comprehensive review will also satisfy the VA’s requirement that the Veteran file a fully-developed claim. The more comprehensive the evidence, the more likely the Veteran will receive an accurate decision from the VA.

This can take up to 6 months, sometimes longer. We can guide you with filing the proper paperwork to ensure your records are requested from the correct facility based on your branch of military and discharge date.

We do not assist with appeals nor provide referrals to legal counsel. It is recommended that you seek the advice of an accredited attorney specializing in VA appeals.

No. Veteran Benefits Guide is a for-profit company that charges a fee if we are successful for the services we provide. 

You may apply directly through the VA or you may hire a Veteran Service Organization to assist you with your claim. However the professionals at VBG work directly for you. We are committed to the best outcome and highest level of service for you, the Veteran.

We have been the trusted guide to over 15,000 Veterans through the process of filing their VA disability claim. 9 out of 10 of our clients see a favorable decision from the VA, resulting in life changing money every month, when using our company. Let our medical service providers, case managers, and claims team take the confusion out of the equation to make sure you file your claim right the first time.