This privacy policy applies to users of the network portal as well as medical service providers
who are contracted with a Network Provider to perform medical evaluations and are
authorized to use the Software known as Fast Vet.

In this privacy policy, the use of the name JoshCo Group, LLC (“JCG”) or “we” refers to the
owner of the Fast Vet software (“Software”) and the Network Portal (“Portal”). The use of the
words “You”, “Your” and “Clients” refers to the contracted medical provider of the Network
Provider with whom an agreement is established to perform medical evaluations on behalf of

JCG has provided Network Providers and You with the Software, a web application used to
complete medical examination questions. User responses are auto populated to a VA Disability
Benefits Questionnaire. The completed, medical provider signed DBQ is returned to JCG’s
SugarCRM. JCG has also provided Network Providers and You with access to the Portal, a web
application used by Network administrators and Veteran Benefits Guide, LLC (“VBG”) Network
Support Coordinators to schedule and manage patient appointments. Users also manage clinic
and provider information. Other than the information gathered through the Software or use of
the Portal, JCG is only responsible for providing access to the Portal and use of the Software
and does not own or control the information that is submitted to JCG through the Portal or
Software. The information that is submitted through the Portal or Software will be held subject
to the requirements specified by the Network Provider’s policy and applicable law, such as the
Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

This Privacy Policy does not reflect the privacy practices between You and Network Provider,
and JCG is not responsible for the Network Providers privacy policies or practices. JCG does not
review, comment upon, or monitor Your privacy policies or Your compliance with Your
respective privacy policies, nor does JCG review Network Providers’ privacy instructions to
determine whether they are in compliance or conflict with the terms of a Client’s published
privacy policy or applicable law.

Consents and Authorizations. Notwithstanding the above, ensuring the security, privacy and
protection of the medical data of patients is critical for all healthcare providers.

By using the Software and accessing the Portal, You acknowledge and agree that You are an
authorized user of the Software. You also agree and consent to abide and be bound by the
Network Portal & Fast Vet Software License Agreement. You agree to not collect and
permanently store, nor sell or transfer patient data, to include but not limited to any protected
health information (PHI) that can identify a patient or the patient’s relatives, employers, or
household members, any demographic information whether that relates to the past, present,
or future physical or mental health condition.
Confidentiality. As a healthcare professional, You acknowledge you have been granted access
to patient records or communications and You agree to hold that information in confidence and
not to rent, sell, profit or share any information You may receive about the patient/veteran
with anyone other than the patient/veteran or who they have authorized to receive their
information. You agree that all evaluations You conduct are of your own medical opinion and
will be submitted through the Portal via the Software.
Violations. There are strict laws established that hold medical providers accountable for
violating and mishandling patient information. JCG maintains an incident response policy that
includes notifications consistent with applicable law. Should You violate this privacy policy, the
terms and conditions of the Fast Vet Software License Agreement, whether accidentally or
deliberately, JCG will take the necessary steps to ensure the protection of the patient/veteran
data information and that the relevant authorities are notified of the violation.
Security Breaches. You agree to notify JCG within 24 hours of any data breach that You
experience that may put any of JCG’s clients’ PHI at risk of disclosure to third parties. Any
failure to notify JCG if this occurs would be a material breach of this privacy policy and the
License Agreement. JCG reserves all remedies for such failure to notify JCG of any breaches.