State Websites for Additional Veteran Benefits

Please note that this information is provided as an additional resource for Veterans. Veteran Benefits Guide DOES NOT provide these benefits, they are provided by each state’s Department of Veterans Affairs.

Please visit the following websites provided by your state’s individual Department of Veterans Affairs offices for more information.

Mental Health

Are you a Veteran looking for mental health support? Or a family member who wants to know more about the common signs of posttraumatic stress? Or a community provider currently treating a Veteran? Find the group you most identify with, then proceed to support and resources that are tailored for you.

Veteran Readiness and Employment

You may receive Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) services to help with job training, employment accommodations, resume development, and job seeking skills coaching. 

Education and Training

You served with honor and you’re ready to further your education and skills. If you qualify, apply for VA education and training benefits online, in person, or request an application over the phone.