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Release of Information Policy

(HIPAA Compliant, 45 C.F.R. 164.508)

Authorization for Use and /or Disclosure:
I Authorize the following persons, classes of persons, facilities and/or institutions to receive, use and disclose my Protected Health Information (hereinafter “PHI”) described below for the purpose identified herein:

  1. Veteran Benefits Advantage, LLC and its officers, directors and employees;
  2. Any third-party telemedicine firms and service providers engaged by Veteran Benefits Advantage, LLC, to perform services on my behalf and the employees and independent contractors of such service providers, including but not limited to nurses and doctors acting for or on behalf of such firms, telemedicine services, and service providers; or

Information to be Used and/or Disclosed:
I authorize the use and disclosure of any and all Protected Health Information I provide directly to Veteran Benefits Advantage, LLC, or which Veteran Benefits Advantage, LLC may obtain under a separate authorization for release of PHI that I may sign in the future, to allow Veteran Benefits Advantage, LLC to obtain Protected Health Information about me from any source other than me. Such PHI includes any and all medical records, including every page thereof, including but not limited to office notes, face sheets, history and physical, consultation notes, inpatient records, outpatient records, emergency room records, all clinical charts, order sheets, progress notes, nurses notes, doctors orders, treatment plans, admission records, discharge summaries, requests for and reports of consultations, correspondence, test results, statements, questionnaires and histories, photographs, imagining including CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, sonograms, videotapes, telephone messages, billing records, pharmacy/prescription records, etc.

Consent to Release and Use of Specially Protected PHI:
I understand that my express consent is required to authorize the use or disclosure of certain records, including information related to testing, diagnosis and/or treatment for HIV (the AIDS virus), sexually transmitted diseases, psychiatric, psychological or mental health disorders or treatment, or drug and/or alcohol use and treatment. I understand that the information to be used or disclosed pursuant to this Authorization may include such information. By my separate signature affixed here, I confirm that this Authorization is effective as to such records and Protected Health Information and I authorize the use and disclosure of this type of information.

Purpose of Authorized Use and Disclosure:
I have engaged Veteran Benefits Advantage, LLC under a separate Service Agreement to consider, evaluate and seek amendment of my current disability rating. The use and disclosure authorized herein is for the purpose of permitting Veteran Benefits Advantage, LLC, its employees, independent contractors and necessary third-parties access to all Protected Health Information necessary and or helpful to accomplish the task for which I have engaged Veteran Benefits Advantage, LLC.

I understand, in addition, that I have the right to revoke this Authorization at any time by a notice
delivered to Veteran Benefits Advantage, LLC in writing, except to the extent that PHI has already been released in reliance upon this authorization.

Acknowledgment of Possibility of Re-disclosure:
I understand that once the information released pursuant to this Authorization is received by the recipient, whether Veteran Benefits Advantage, LLC or a third party, it may be re-disclosed and no longer protected under Privacy Laws. I agree to hold Veteran Benefits Advantage, LLC, its Directors, Officers and employees harmless from any claim for damages that may occur thereby.

Copies As Effective as Original:
Any facsimile, copy or photocopy of this Authorization shall be as effective and enforceable as the original.

Authorization Not A Requirement of Services:

I Authorize voluntarily and I understand that by accepting this Authorization is not required, but I have been advised that my failure to accept this Authorization may detrimentally impact the ability of Veteran Benefits Advantage, LLC to obtain an increase in my VA Disability Rating or related benefits.

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