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Veteran Benefits Guide is here to guide you every step of the way to maximize your chances of receiving disability benefits. If you were injured or disabled in the military then you are entitled to VA disability benefits. Regardless of your situation, our experienced Case Managers stand ready to guide you to maximize your Disability Rating. The entire process can be a challenge. Just one minor error in your VA claim, one oversight, and your claim could be rejected or reduced.

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    Results vary depending on each veteran’s individual circumstances and therefore VBG does not guarantee any result

    How It Works

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    Create your free VBG account and you will be assigned to a Case Manager.

    Build Your Claim

    Our Case Managers will review your VA and Military documents to create a strategy specifically designed for your case.

    Medical Evaluation

    At no charge, you will be evaluated by a Trusted Doctor Network physician so you will not have to deal with a VA-appointed physician.

    Favorable VA Decision

    Your Case Manager will work with you to submit your claim to the VA. We will be by your side to guide you throughout the entire process and until a decision is made.
    Veteran Benefits Guide provides guidance to U.S. Military Veterans receiving VA Disability Compensation by giving them the tools and resources needed to increase their VA benefits simply and expeditiously. Veteran Benefits Guide is not affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs nor any other government agency. Veteran Benefits Guide is not an accredited agency or entity.